A 365 Project in Self-Romance

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.
— Buddha

To blog or not to blog...

When visions of this project started to take shape I discovered I have a serious aversion to the word blog. For starters, when I hear blog I actually hear it as blaaaaaahhhhhhhg, or, for you Arrested Development fans, there is Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog. Ultimately, I was hung up by the misplaced belief that a blog is just a means of airing out dirty laundry. Semantics aside, I knew I needed to start something - so my project is making its way into the world, and starting today, I commit to 365 days of practicing self-romance. My goal is to rediscover who I am through acts of self-care, emotional exploration and self-inquiry. I am creating this space to document the journey, share my learnings, connect with and support others. And maybe (hopefully) inspire others along the way to spark a romance with themselves.

I'm ready now.

Over the last year, bit by bit, I became unrecognizable to myself - withdrawn, numb, unfulfilled, working constantly, never yoga-ing, always tired, perpetually in pain, sleeping too much, not showering enough and so on. As 2018 came to a close I realized that this was more serious than what I wanted to admit. While facing some major life changes (a new job, a breakup, and a move), I gave up the tough-girl act and did something very out of character - I asked for help (I’ll explore this theme in future posts).

I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and was given the option to start medication. I had always been strongly opposed to anti-depressants and struggled with actually saying yes to the prescription and counseling (again, more to come on that). Needless to say, I did accept the help and things are getting so much better. I know that medication can only do so much, so that’s where this work begins. I have a lot of ground to cover to reconnect with myself after being shut off for so long.

What does self-romance even mean?!

We all know what grand romantic gestures look like (thanks for the unreal expectations Hollywood), and I would venture a guess that almost everyone here has engaged in some sort of romantic endeavor with another human. Picture all of the things you do when you just start dating someone...now take all of that desire to impress and those ooey gooey feelings and apply them to how you treat yourself. Basically, I am on a mission to make myself fall head over heels for me. Sometimes that might be a big gesture, but more often than not it's likely to be the little things that make me feel seen, taken care of and understood.

This is just the beginning.

I don’t know exactly how this project will unfold or where it will take me, and I am 100% okay with that. At this point nothing is really off limits - I am here to dig deep, do the work, and share my experience authentically. To get things rolling I plan to post here weekly and leverage Instagram (@licia_dee_) for daily accountability - yes, that means my Insta will no longer just be cute pictures of my sweet dog, Evie. Don’t worry, she is sure to be a co-star in this and will still show up often.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you, and hope you will join the conversation.
In fact, why not start now? Share your favorite ways to romance yourself in the comments.